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Latest Lost Property Claims
Our public database features lost property listings

Property Lost Claim ID Date Lost
Passport 169513 Oct 18, 2019
Amazon kids fire tablet 169500 Oct 03, 2019
Jewelry in a small blue bag. 169480 Oct 16, 2019
2 Mobilephones, CC 169473 Oct 17, 2019
wallet 169465 Oct 17, 2019
iPad and Kindle 169456 Oct 17, 2019
Wallet 169416 Oct 16, 2019
Small diamond hoop earring 169407 Oct 16, 2019
15 inch MAC laptop in blue cas 169393 Oct 16, 2019
gray and red roots hoodie 169385 Oct 17, 2019
New belt from Hermes 169362 Oct 17, 2019
Wallet 169338 Oct 12, 2019
Grey&blue Tallia suit jacket 169330 Oct 17, 2019
mac book and ipad 169317 Oct 17, 2019
SamsoniteGray Hardcase cabin 169306 Oct 17, 2019
Bose earbuds 169266 Dec 31, 1969
Laptop 169263 Oct 17, 2019
suede leopard print shoes 169260 Oct 17, 2019
Ipad 169238 Oct 17, 2019
Kindle Oasis black case 169146 Oct 05, 2019
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About Reported Lost

Airport Lost and Found

We have all experienced what it is like misplacing or losing important belongings, our personal property… It’s  so easy for things to get lost.

I’ve lost my phone, I’ve lost my keys,  I’ve lost my Laptop, ipads, smartphones, luggage, purses, bags, wallets, etc…

It could ruin your vacation or coming home ruin a great trip or vacation.

So instead of leaving your valuable property that you lost in the hands of an employee who really could forget, take his time, and even lose your stuff.  By being listed with Reported Lost you not only are getting it out for everyone to see, you are directly targeting the airport or airlines, which are all in our connected database.  In fact, we are connected to over 10,000 Airports and Airlines.  That’s very important.

We will take the stress off of you.  We know the system and how it works.  Be sure to get your “Lost Property Claim” in as soon as possible.

We have been reuniting travelers with their lost property worldwide.

Don’t worry, none of your personal information will be available to the public.  Just the information that you fill out regarding what, when, where, etc… about your lost property.

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