Why Choose us

We have all experienced what it is like misplacing or losing important belongings, our personal property… It’s so easy for things to get lost.

I’ve lost my phone, I’ve lost my keys, I’ve lost my Laptop, ipads, smartphones, luggage, purses, bags, wallets, etc…

It could ruin your vacation or coming home ruin a great trip or vacation.

How Lost Property Works

Fill out form

Fill out the lost property form online.

Your assigned

A dedicated recovery agent to recovery your lost property.

Claim information

Claim information is activated and listed in the database.

Property found

When Property is found you will need to verify that it is yours. Items inside, unique characteristics like stickers, scratches, etc...Next setup Pickup or Mail Options.

Success Stories

Jebin Raj Client

Thanks a lot to the lost and found networks. I got back my lost bag which has very important documents, money and some other valuables in a single day from posted the ad.

Joe Johnson Client

Thank you so much for recovering my IPAd. It had all my work stuff on there and I don't know what I would have did without it. You saved me.

Christina Letty Client

My boss was going crazy after his carry on bag was missing. Thank you Reported Lost for handling and monitoring everywhere in the airport his bag could have been. Life Saver!!!!

Why Choose Us

Airports are big and confusing. The loss of an item is stressful and frustrating. It can happen at the worst time.  We can alleviate that stress for you. 

Customer Satisfaction

We are sorry you are unable to locate your missing or lost item. Rest assured we will attempt to remedy the situation for you.

Security and Trustworthiness
We are reliable, accountable and resourceful.

Ease of Use

Your satisfaction is what matters to us. We make things very easy for you while we locate your lost property.

Trusted by thousands of people all over the world