2 rings: Both are rose gold. T

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Claim ID: 151109
Lost Property: 2 rings: Both are rose gold. T
First Name: Linda
Lost Date: Aug 30, 2019
Lost Time: 3:15 PM
Country: United States
Departure Airport:
Arrival Airport:
Airline: DELTA
Flight Number:
Location Details:

2 Rose gold rings at pick up area #1 Outside of baggage pick-up. First rings has a rose gold band and the top is rose gold with 3 stones set in, looks a bit like a stop light if held side ways. The stones are a Ruby, a Sapphire and a Peridot. The Period looks new them the other two stones(ruby and sapphire) because I just had it replaced a the rose gold built up around it. The edges around the Peridot may be slightly sharp. There are also a grove cut into each end after the stones. Ring size 5
Second ring is a plain 2cm rose gold band the I wore to keep the three stone ring from slipping off my ring. There are no makings or stones in the rose gold 2 cm band.
They fell out of my lap when I got out of Toyatoa Raha at pick up area #1 . We were just beyond the actually pick up area. And the curb swung out slightly to the right. Rings. Would have been 3to 5 feet from the curb, as I came out of the passenger side front seat.
My sister, came by to check with lost and found on Wednesday, Sept 4, 2019. But rings had not been turned in at that time. We left the day before at 8:00 on a United Flight going to Depend Washington, DC Airport.
The three stone ring is the most important of the 2. It belonged to my Mother. I am offering a reward for It’s find and turn-in.

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