State of Michigan ID card.

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Claim ID: 7079
Lost Property: State of Michigan ID card.
First Name: David
Lost Date: Jan 25, 2018
Lost Time: 2:00 PM
Country: United States
Departure Airport:
Arrival Airport:
Airline: Spirit
Flight Number: NK118
Location Details:

I used my ID card to go through the TSA checkpoint. After successfully going through the checkpoint I had to run my luggage and all items from my pockets through the Scanning belt. After clearing the belt I asked an agent how I would get to gate 35. The agent responded that I needed to use the other TSA station where Spirit flights were assigned. I left the one TSA station where I had just successfully passed through and went to the other station approximately 200 yards away. When I was getting ready to go through TSA again I couldn’t find my ID to use as proof. I went back and retraced my steps but could not find the ID. I went back to the original TSA agent and asked if my ID could have fallen while on the belt. The agents supervisor came over and took my information, then went looking for my ID. In the end no one could find the ID so they had me go to the proper TSA check point and go through as a one plus with all the additional protocol for inspection. So, in conclusion I would say the last place I saw my ID was at the original TSA checkpoint that I used. so I believe my ID was lost somewhere between checkpoint 1 and checkpoint 2 which was the checkpoint for Spirit airlines.

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